Looking for an inspiring speaker?

If you are interested in a presentation I can create a customized one (as long as it relates to a subject matter of my interest), or I can draw upon some of my favorite presentation:


We are what we dream! 

This presentation will take the audience on an empowering rollercoaster ride that will make them realize the stupidity of some of our actions, the ugliness of the consequences and the power we all have to be the change.  The audience will walk away inspired to make a difference in this world.


Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

…and why size matters!

 In this entertaining presentation Hugo Bonjean presents the relationship between size and sustainable relationships (social, economic, environmental and political) and how and when size becomes a barrier, not only to sustainability but to the very foundations of most democratic countries.  The audience's perspective of sustainable design and true democracy will be challenged and the concept will be talked about for a long time.


Leading by Releasing!

How true leadership is not granted by position but simply grows from integrity, and how true passion and excellence can be released in a team or movement.  (this presentation is only available for audiences who have demonstrated that their core values are about making a positive difference in this world).


“Hugo Bonjean's informative presentation on globalization and values engaged our students, faculty, and staff in a thoughtful consideration of how our lives are connected to larger issues of health, poverty, and the environment and showed us how we can use our daily choices to make a positive difference in the world. "

Diane Dreher, Associate Dean, Santa Clara University

"Hugo's presentation style and the message were both refreshing. He models what he teaches; his messages come straight from the heart and the wisdom of sages from whom he has learned. As mostly leaders ourselves, he inspired us to move in directions that are rewarding for ourselves and for the staff we lead."
Erwin Teuber, Ph.D. - Executive Director - Terry Reilly Health Services


I have been told to be an inspiring and passionate speaker with an important message for the world.  I feel always humbled when people tell me that because I do have a strong Flemish accent and personally find that my messages are so simple.  But maybe it is exactly that simplicity and my passion behind the words that touches peoples' hearts and inspires them to action.  There is always an element of personal experience in what I share during presentations. I like to push the boundaries and provoke thought and love to interact with the audience.  


Please contact me hb@hugobonjean.com or my presentation planner wes@hugobonjean.com to book a presentation.  


I have been invited by the following universities, colleges and organizations:

- Santa Clara University (California)

- St. Paul's University

- University of Winnipeg

- University of Calgary

- Bow Valley College

- North West Primary Care Facilities (Washington)

- The Church of Religious Science (California)

- Unity Church

- The Canadian Pagan Conference

- various Rotary clubs


"Leading by Releasing™ has been the best training/coaching program that I have experienced in my career. It was distinctly different from other training programs because it first addressed the strength and creativity of management and all company employees before focusing on the company and its customers. If you are truly interested in delivering quality products and services, Hugo Bonjean's leadership program is a great tool to accelerate on the path to excellence."

Guneet Bajwa - General Manager Holiday Inn Convention Centre Edmonton, AB Canada.


"Hugo Bonjean has a unique perspective on looking at group dynamics and has been able to turn his own employees into a loyal and achievement oriented group."

John Merkin - Vice President Holiday Inn Services.


"Hugo Bonjean inspires individuals and teams to think beyond the routine, to come up with multiple solutions and to accomplish them with passion."

 Reas Kondraschow - Managing Director/Senior Vice President Ramada International, a Cendant Company

Client List
Large and small organizations around the world have benefited from my services. Among them are:


Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts (Atlanta, USA)

Marriott International (Washington, DC, USA)
Platinum Hotels & Resorts (Hungary)
Ramada Geneva (Switzerland)
Holiday Inn Conference Centre Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Holiday Inn Calgary Airport (Alberta, Canada)
Alberta Foothills School Division (Alberta, Canada)
North West Primary Care Association (Seattle, USA)
Westech Industrial (Calgary, Canada)
Hacienda Hotels & Resorts (Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic)

The Gail Taylor Investment Group of CIBC Wood Gundy (Alberta, Canada)


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